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ÜFI Stickers – Your Lost Property Solution! Custom 28mm x 40mm SMPVC stickers with ÜFI Static QR Code. Sold in strips of 5, assorted colors. Ideal for phones, laptops, wallets, and more. Keep your valuables safe with ÜFI.




Introducing ÜFI Stickers – Your Key to Lost Property Recovery!

Our custom 28mm x 40mm SMPVC stickers come with a laminated flap and ÜFI Static QR Code, ensuring durability and reliability wherever you go. Sold in strips of 5 units with the same serial code and available in assorted colors, these stickers are not only versatile but also eye-catching.

Ideal for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, passport cases, wallets, scooters, bicycles, helmets, and more, ÜFI Stickers are the perfect solution for safeguarding your valuables. With our innovative approach to property recovery, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are protected with ÜFI.


  • Custom 28mm x 40mm SMPVC
  • Laminated Flap – ÜFI Static QR Code
  • Strips of 5 Units with same serial code
  • Assorted colours
Main use
  • Mobile phones, laptops/ tablets
  • Passport case, wallets.
  • Scooter, Bicycles, helmets etc

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